About Curse of society
Curse of society, a newly formed PVE guild on Ragnaros EU Horde. Website currently under construction. We are now recruiting two tanks pref Pally/Brewmaster/Druid, one healer pref Priest and considering all dps for our 10m core raiding team. No experience necessary but common sense and good communication is vital as we will all learn together. We will also be looking for experienced class leaders and officers. Once we have the team in place we will be raiding 2/3 times a week depending on availability starting with guild flex raids and quiclky moving on to 10m normal to begin with. Please apply by clicking the forums link in the top left of the page and then posting your application in the 'Guild application' form

In the application please provide the following;

In-game character name
Preferred spec
Current ilvl
Past raiding experience
Availability. days, times etc
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